Daisy Coakley in Horse & Hound


Daisy Coakley and Aramis T bank high marks to win the young rider freestyle.

Daisy Coaskley was in Horse & Hound this week for her success in winning the young rider freestyle at the Keysoe U25 High Profile Show.

“Daisy Coakley took the young rider freestyle class riding Judy Firmston-Williams’ 13-year-old Alabaster mare, Aramis T. A light classical music medley arranged by Judy perfectly complemented the elegant combination.

“I was thrilled with both our artistic and technical marks- there were lots of 7.5s,” enthused Daisy.

“Putting the three-and four-time canter flying changes on a half circle after a pirouette came off well. We only recently worked on the floorplan and Judy tweaked it daily right up until last night. Each day she would arrive with a new idea. It’s beautiful music, I really enjoyed riding to it.”

Daisy also collected a third place riding her debut prix st georges with Felicity Norrie’s ex-event horse, Affinity Bay.
“We made some mistakes today, but he has really big [flying] changes and a fabulous walk. He is a very exciting future prospect,” she said.

The closely fought class, in which only four marks separated the top three placings, was won by Olivia Towers riding Mercian Donovan ZF.
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