Chris Dalton

Name: Chris Dalton

Horse/s for 2011: Hesa Classy Shadow, Glowing With Kisses, Wimpeys Smart Chex.

Best 2010 Results: Winning the gold buckle in Western Riding at the AQHA Youth World Cup; being overall Champion at the Western Equestrian Society National Show for the 3rd year in succession; being Open Champion at the Garden of England International for the 2nd year running.

2011 Goals: This will be my first season outside the youth dividion and as a trainer I have to compete in Open classes.  I will be trying to maintain my position as one of the top UK Western competitors with Hesa Classy Shadow, but I am very excited about getting Glowing With Kisses out to competitions.

Top Tips:

  • We are plagued by mud throughout the winter and I swear by pig oil liberally applied to legs, tails and manes.  It prevents mud sticking, helps to prevent mud fever and keeps manes and tails soft and untangled.
  • I like to use tail bags and lycra hoods during the show season to keep tails and manes clean and free from hay and straw
  • Even if the weather is too bad to ride I will get each of my horses out, tack them up and tie them up.  I like all of my horses to stand still at shows and this helps to teach them to do so.
  • All my horses are turned out everyday and hacked out regularly.  I feel this gives them the chance to relax and keeps them sweet, preventing them becoming ring sour.
  • I prevent my horses becoming ‘bargy’ in the stable by teaching them to go to the back of the stable when anyone walks in.

Personal highpoint: Winning the Gold Buckle for Western Riding at the AQHA Youth World Cup inOklahoma City last year.

Memorable Horses: My first pony, Dorlyn Choirboy (Thompson).  He got me a 2nd place in cradle stakes at Ponies UK as well as numerous wins at County shows.  Red October (Billy) my 15hh Working Hunter who was just a brilliant all-round pony also brought me a lot of success.  Gina, the mare I rode in Oklahoma last year – she had ‘issues’ but pulled out all the stops when it mattered!






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