Charlie Hutton Update

Every year seems to be getting busier and busier; so far this year I have done only a handful of Premier Leagues, but we’ve been getting great scores and placing’s with Don Dino. I have a horse which I have also been campaigning at Advanced Medium, and he has been getting tremendous scores too. They will both go to the Regionals to hopefully qualify for the National Championships. Aside from competing, Abi and I have started working together training, competing, teaching and also now selling horses. This is proving to be quite successful, as we have several horses of all ages and standards in for sale at the moment; with all of this going on there has not been much time for anything else! We are very lucky that we have some great owners and also sponsors behind us! The plan for the rest of the year is much of the same, however I am off next week to Holland looking for a potential team horse with medal winning capability, which is very exciting.

Charlie Hutton

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