Changing Lives with Blue Chip Original

Blue Chip Original has been invaluable to thousands of horse owners over the years in their quest to ensure that their horse or pony obtains everything they need to thrive in one complete feed balancer, but never more so than when their horses really need bringing back from the brink.

Terri Beddingham and Claire Franklin have been in touch to tell us how Blue Chip Original has saved the lives of their rescue horses since they took them on:

Terri’s Story

“I rescued Treasure from the RSPCA in April 2015 as a Rising 2 year old Welsh Section D. She hadn’t done anything in her life before I took her on as she was abandoned in a field and I don’t think she even knew what hard feed was! I started to do a lot of ground work and began feeding her hard feed, and of course, chose Blue Chip. I backed her in June 2016 and she is coming along brilliantly with a massive thanks to Blue Chip Original – Her coat is fantastic and she is in amazing condition. I would recommend it to everyone”



Treasure is now thriving on Blue Chip Original and Terri says that she will continue to feed her it for the rest of her life. She says that it has been her saving grace and that it is an amazing product which has turned Treasure’s life around when they didn’t think it was possible


Claire’s Story

“We rescued a pony earlier this year who was in an appalling state; I’ve never witnessed a pony so poor. He had been tethered on a cliff top for the winter and was painfully thin and in pretty dire condition. He could barely stand, had no ‘life’ about him, and he seemed to be losing the will to keep going.”

“That was back in February and thanks to your brilliant feed, some good grass and a bit of TLC, he is absolutely thriving! We have been so impressed with the results; we have put our other horses on Blue Chip Lami-light as well! I am so thankful to have found this wonderful feed as it really has saved his lived”


Claire was able to see a difference after feeding Blue Chip Original for only ten days and her pony is now back to full health and his neglected past is long forgotten

About Blue Chip Original

Blue Chip Original is perfect for maintaining top line, condition and a healthy coat in all horses and ponies as it provides optimum, balanced amounts of vitamins and minerals to meet daily requirements in a whole cereal and molasses free formula. Also included are soya and linseed oils which are natural sources of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which along with zinc ensure scurf free skin and a glossy, gleaming coat. Blue Chip Original also contains comprehensive hoof and respiratory supplements to maintain wellbeing both inside and out and as with all the balancers in the Blue Chip range, it includes Nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA which benefit the diet by improving nutrient absorption, reducing lactic acid production and improving stamina

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