CarrotCalm ensures foal stays calm while on the road.

I rang you last week to discuss how I could keep my mare and foal calm throughout weaning, as well as my foal travelling to his new home at the same time. The foal is a 6 month old Connemara, and has had the same routine with me since the day he was born.

You recommended that I feed my mare a 10ml calm one hour before, followed by 10ml half an hour before, and that the foal would be ok with 5ml one hour before and 5ml half an hour before. Well, I have just taken a phone call from his new owner, and despite a 4 hour journey, he has walked off the lorry as cool as a cucumber and has already settled in with his new Shetland pony friend!

The driver of the lorry watched him throughout the whole journey, and says that he didn’t move at all. Thank you Blue Chip for helping to keep my mare and foal settled during what could possibly have been a stressful experience for both.

Judith Young

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