Carriage Driving

Carriage driving requires the horse or pony to have good conformation as well as perfect health.  Topline and muscle tone is as important with carriage driving as it is with any other discipline – if a horse or pony is lacking topline, it will struggle to collect and will be more likely to suffer from an injury.  Lack of muscle tone, particularly in the shoulder region, will prevent the horse or pony from working to its full potential, as they pull from the shoulder to get the carriage moving.


Blue Chip Original and Pro enhance condition and topline, and promote fitness and stamina; switch to nutrient dense Pro if your horse is in hard work and competing, or an a performance diet.  The respiratory system of a carriage horse or pony needs to be exceptional, as the work they are required to do is constant; the respiratory supplement in Blue Chip feed balancers, containing Primo Vento, menthol, eucalyptus, garlic, vitamins and minerals, plays a vital role in maintaining respiratory health.

The joints of a carriage driving horse or pony can come under much stress, as a lot of road work is involved with the discipline.  Blue Chip Dynamic provides the ideal support; and includes MSM, to provide the protein building blocks vital for tendon and ligament repair, Glucosamine, for cartilage metabolism, and silicon, for healthy, strong, dense bone formation.

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