Calm Your Horse

New Year’s Eve fireworks are more and more popular nowadays. People love fireworks… horses however do not.

Help is at hand, however!  To help you get a calmer horse, Blue Chip Karma (a liquid equine calmer) can help keep your horse stay calm and stress free through the bright flashes and loud bangs.  The natural, liquid horse calmer is a complementary approach to helping horses stay relaxed in stressful situations.  


Add 25ml per day of the horse calmer to your horse’s regular feed during the 5 days leading up to new year’s eve and 50ml on the day an hour before celebrations are due to start


The Science Bit 

Karma (Horse Calmer) contains an easily absorbed form of magnesium – the ‘anti-stress’ mineral – that can be quickly absorbed into the blood stream.  Horses use this to regulate blood pressure and maintain a healthy, settled nervous system, and to aid muscle relaxation.  It contains anti oxidants to clear up the raised level of free radicals that are triggered by stress, while Niacin, a B-vitamin, means energy can still be channeled into the appropriate areas.


Not forgetting vanilla – no it’s not a super medicinal ingredient, but it does make Karma (Horse Calmer) smell and taste delicious for even the fussiest eaters, so you’ll have no trouble getting it down the hatch!


Because Karma’s (Horse Calmer) ingredients are completely natural, it won’t affect your horse’s energy or stamina, so you can carry on riding him as you would normally – you can even use it on the day of a competition.

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