Boconnoc ride

Just to let you know Maarhabi and I came 3rd in the EGB Boconnoc CER race ride yesterday. The 80km route in Cornwall was very challenging, especially when vandals had moved markers the trail bike riders had only just checked! Thankfully I could read my map and navigated the others in my class and the FEI class (whom we caught up with) back to the right route as the others couldn’t read their maps….we completed in 13.74kmph despite losing a front shoe but had it replaced ahead of the final vetting so my heart was in my mouth praying we would pass! Leah and Adam did a brilliant job crewing in the heat as we needed a lot of water! Mum and Dads’ new ride went very well, and I’m back at the venue again today to ride 16km with Silver Mistrahl, now 23 and my former world championship horse, and we will escort Roz Davis O’Leary on Ali and Leah Tuck on Zar – all home bred horses from our stud.;

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