“Blue Chip- Saviour Feed!”

before and after

“I bought my first horse, an ex-racer, 17hh 20 year old TB gelding, who ran point to point until 8 years old after damaging his tendon racing, in June 2014.  Although he was in poor condition he had an excellent temperament and I was assured several times by his previous owners and the livery yard owner that he would quickly gain condition.

He hadn’t been ridden for five years by his previous owner and as you can see from the first photo (taken in June 2014) he was very skinny with a very hollow back.  His previous owners had him on a basic mix and haylage but this didn’t seem to work for him very well at all.  They had also not wormed him for the five years or had his teeth done either.

From June until the start of September, following advice from the local equestrian shop, I had him on conditioning mix and conditioning cubes – this also made no real difference to him, he remained a skinny skeleton of a horse!  I kept working him daily with activities such as hacking, lunging and jumping but he always was very forward going despite his appearance not improving.

In September I changed his diet to one of sugar beet, hay, haylage and oil-coated alfalfa, but he only appeared to have slightly put on weight; I often measured his weight with a weight tape but it tended to waver between 550kg to 580kg.  At the end of December I noticed that after he was wormed he actually had energy for once and was charging about the field like a maniac.

He was then only in light hacking of 30 minutes with very little trot but he still seemed not to be gaining any weight.  I had begun to despair with him until I seen an advertisement for Blue Chip Pro in a Horse and Rider Magazine. In January his feed was changed to Blue Chip Pro, fibre beet, hay and haylage.  The first major difference came in February when I had my first endurance ride with him; he completed 20km in under two hours and won!

Since then he has begun to put on weight and has regained his lost muscles!  He is a new horse! He charges about like a youngster and has a gloriously gleaming coat as well as excellent hooves.  I can’t thank Blue Chip enough for restoring him to his glory. I can’t wait for the summer to begin to take him cross-country, dressage and showing. I intend to start giving him Blue Chip Joint RLF as well to help him in his older age. Your products have given us a new lease of life!”

Emma Hayes




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