Blue Chip rider selected to ride on the English Team!

I am still having to pinch myself to see if it has really happened but it has.  Being selected by British Dressage to ride on the England Team at the Home International in October really is a dream come true.  When I applied to the selectors I was delighted to reach the “long list”, then amazed to get to the “short list” and overjoyed to be selected. My wonderful Lloyd (Ever So Lightly) and myself will get to wear the England flag. It is times like these, that you take a look back over the years and to all the people and animals that have helped you along the way.After many years of ups, but an awful lot of downs, I am delighted that with hard work and my determination to succeed it has finally paid off.  The years of blood, sweat and often so many tears have all been worth it. It is a great feeling that “you are never too old to have dreams and ambitions come true”.  I can only thank my wonderful mum for always being there no matter what, to my late grandparents “for always believing in me” my long suffering husband and family & friends who are always there to support me. I  am very grateful for Blue Chip’s wonderful sponsorship to help me reach my goals and for their nutritional balancers that keep my horses in tip-top condition. Most importantly I am thankful to all the wonderful horses that I have been lucky enough to share my life with and of whom without, I would not be the person or rider that I am today.I did not come from a horsey background and in my early years grew up in the city, in a council house with my single mum. I loved horses ever since I can remember and after lots of pleading (and endless washing up!) I finally got to have my first riding lesson at the age of 12. My passion for horses grew and grew and I spent every opportunity trying to learn as much as I could, often from books and from helping at the local stables and dreaming of owning my own horse one day. My mum was terrified of horses, but eventually with the help of my step-dad, I had my first horse on loan at the age of 15, a 4 year old Pure Bred Arab!. I have never had the money to buy expensive ready-made horses, all the horses I have had often came to me with problems, that with time, patience and understanding, became my top horses.My mum is now my right hand man; she overcame her fears to learn to ride at the age of 40 and her passion for horses has grown & grown over the years. She will always be seen at the stables or shows helping to groom, calm both mine or my daughters nerves before competitions and is chief cook. She has picked me up and brushed me off so many times, when things seemed hopeless and without her I could not do the things I do in my hectic daily life.”  Karen JoynsonWe wish you all the best for October Karen!

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