Blue Chip Pro transforms 16 year old mare Tango

379 (2)Hi Sarah, thanks for your email of the 7th March; just to let you know the bag of feed got delivered and Tango is very grateful. To try and cut a long story short, when I bought Tango she came out in a rash that we could not clear up, and she became very grumpy after a brief ‘honeymoon period’. She had a skin test which was fairly inconclusive, so we went down the route of getting allergy tested as to which she turned out to be allergic to alfalfa, feed smut dust, molasses and fly bites, amongst a few other things related to feeding.

I needed to find a feed I could give her to ‘manage’ her condition. In the meantime she was still very grumpy and mare-ish, had bitten several people and was a nightmare to ride. At one point I remember having a conversation with my vet, who mentioned then he’d like her scoped for gastric ulcers, about the fact that if her behaviour didn’t improve then he would stand by my decision to have her put down. At that point, bearing in mind she was an older horse at 16 with behaviour issues, I could not and would not sell her on for someone else to go through what I was going through. But! The vet was right about the gastric ulcers, and she was diagnosed with Grade 3 gastric ulcers (May 2012). So along with being treated for her skin condition with regular injections of a specially made up serum and gastro medicines, we began to see improvements. BUT – Blue Chip Pro has been my saviour.

For around 14 months (I only started collecting my loyalty points once I was convinced it was working for her), she has been fed on Blue Chip Pro, Just Grass, oil & a supporting Gastric aid powder on a maintenance dosage. She hasn’t received any injections for nearly 12 months now and her skin condition (albeit a slight flare up when her coat changes) has not really returned. From May last year Tango completed 2 unaffiliated and 3 affiliated One Day Events, our last one at Broadway she actually got placed in 8th, and as you can imagine I was in tears of joy. We have had a rocky road together, but I am convinced that if I hadn’t have found Blue Chip, as a foundation stone of feed, then she wouldn’t be with me now. I’m not going to lie to you, she still has her moments, but these I can put down to ‘mareishness’ only. Her skin is amazing, she shines like a pin and I hardly ever really put a brush to her. She is ride-able and even now at nearly 18, I am still planning a competitive season ahead for 2014. So a big, huge thank you to Blue Chip. Thanks for listening to our story and here is a couple of photos of me and my ‘old bird’ competing a few weeks ago.

Jo Davis

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