Blue Chip Pro Helps Slovenia Trotting Champion Thrive

We have a trotting champion in Slovenia, called Angel, who is fed Blue Chip Pro.

Angel is owned by the Peski stables. His driver and owner is one of the few female racers in Slovenia. This year they ran in 9 races, 8 of which Angel won and came 2nd once.

His best time was 1.15,8 on a 1900m track. He is officially the Slovenian trotter of the year 2011!

This stable also has a 3 year old mare called Mon Cherie and she came 2nd in Slovenian Derby for 3 year old trotters. The race was difficult with all the best 3 year olds and it was only the second race in her life.

The Peski stables have had a fantastic year, with their horses being placed every time they race.

The horses are fed Blue Chip Pro and they have noticed a huge improvement in all of them.

We are very proud to be involved with them.
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