Blue Chip Pro Gives Horse More Confidence

I’m Danielle Hughes, a 21-year-old amateur showjumper.

I have owned my horse, Neopolitan II (Olly), for just two years.

During this time he has proven to be quite a difficult character and trying to find the right feed for him has been a bit of a struggle.
I recently put him on Blue Chip Pro and he has been brilliant ever since.

We’ve since qualified for the Amateur Classic Final at Horse of the Year Show and all horse riders know how difficult it is for true amateurs to get there.

I am almost certain that putting him onto Blue Chip Pro has played a huge part in his success.

HOYS is obviously the epitome, but Olly has also qualified for every other final he has been eligible for this season, including Blue Chip Championships, Scope Festival and the Amateur Championships.

Being advised to put him on the Blue Chip Pro feed combined with first class training, have definitely made all this possible.

I am most definitely going to continue to feed Olly Blue Chip Pro.


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