Blue Chip Original Used For Condition, General Health & Recovery

I have used Blue Chip Original since it came on the market. At the time I had a yard of 36 polo ponies including the Royal Navy polo ponies. These ponies really benifitted from Blue Chip, it showed in their condition & their general health & their ability to recover after a hard game of polo.

I now have a smaller yard specialising in buying youngstock & bringing them on for polo along with a couple of older polo ponies,ageing from 14 to 22  and still playing polo. Also i have 4 hunters also fed on Blue Chip.

I start them all of with Blue Chip Original (feed balancer) & when there work load increases change them to Bluechip pro. This really works for our horses. I am often asked to try other feed balance products but decline because I have had such fantastic results with Blue Chip & believe it to be the best value for money,feed balancer on the market.

I strongly recommend Blue Chip products too all horse owners.

The photo is of a 4yr old T.B mare i bought in April 2010  & a photo of her 6 weeks later. I think the photos speak for them selfs.

Karen James

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