Blue Chip Original transforms Nemo in two weeks

Nemo came to the ISPCA National Animal Centre following a complaint by a member of public
about a number of horses in poor condition. An ISPCA inspector, with the help of the authorities,
succeeded in removing Nemo and a second horse to safety. On arrival Nemo was severely
emaciated, anaemic as a result of a massive lice burden and had numerous lacerations to his legs.
After a month of vet treatment, a special diet and lots of TLC Nemo improved but still was not
thriving as we would have expected. At only 3 years old Nemo should have gained condition and
strength but something just was not right.

As we have had such great results with Blue Chip Lami Light for our laminitic ponies I decided to contact Blue Chip for advice. They recommended we try Nemo on Blue Chip Original and, well, the results speak for themselves! After only 2 weeks Nemo was a different horse, he coated out, gained weight and condition and suddenly had a twinkle in his eye that wasn’t there before. 4 weeks on Blue Chip and you would be forgiven for thinking we had swapped him for another horse! Yet again Blue Chip has come up trumps for ISPCA rescue equines and I cannot thank you enough. It is wonderful to see Nemo looking and feeling so good in himself; I cannot recommend Blue Chip highly enough!































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