Blue Chip Original transforms ex-racer after everything failed

imageHi Blue Chip,

This is my 8 year old ex-racer TB mare, Brooke, who I feed the Blue Chip Original balancer to. When she came to us in September she was in a very bad condition, with a body score of just 2. Being a very fussy mare, I have tried at least 4 combinations of all sorts of weight gain feed, chaff, and sugar beet type feeds, of which none have had as much of an effect as Blue Chip, and she didn’t seem to like anything either!

I started using Blue Chip when she recovered from a fetlock operation in January, and in the short space of 3 months, the balancer has had a dramatic positive impact on her weight and general coat and skin condition. Over the relatively mild winter she has been relying completely on hard feed and ad lib haylage, so it has been extremely challenging to put weight on her during the colder months.

Now everyone on my yard compliments how well she looks and how shiny and soft to the touch she is, and how she seems a different horse! I am very pleased with the outcome of using Blue Chip, and Brooke adores it too. I will forever use Blue Chip from now on for her and hope she continues to put on weight as well as she has been doing.

I would recommend Blue Chip to absolutely everyone, whether they are looking for a general vitamin and mineral balancer or something to contribute to weight gain, it is worth every single penny and I bet Brooke also thinks so! We can now go out competing in summer without worrying about her looking like a rescue! I cannot thank Blue Chip enough for the wonders it has done for my mare!

Aaliyah Wooton

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