Blue Chip Original transforms a horse in seven weeks

I backed my horse at 2 and a half as he was already 15.1, and I thought he was going to be quite a chunk! The plan was to back him then turn him away to mature for the next 6 months. The photo of him looking very underweight was taken on the 8th of March. He is now 3, and obviously won’t be ridden again until he’s put some weight on. The lady that was looking after him for those 6 months tells me he was being fed a suitable, high fibre diet with plenty of haylage, but I doubt this was the case. I was genuinely devastated at his condition, he was a totally different horse to the one I left behind, and he hadn’t grown at all in those 6 months. He had a thick woolly coat, so was even skinnier than he looks in the photo. I decided to start feeding him Blue Chip Original, and we’re now into our third sack and he’s a different horse! He’s a still a bit on the slim side, but I think you’ll agree that it’s a massive improvement! The most recent photo is 11 weeks after I started feeding Original, and he’s looking better by the day! Possibly the biggest change is his personality, he was understandably very lethargic to begin with, reluctant to move much or even lift his head; now he’s playful, cheeky and he’s got the sparkle back in his eyes!

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