Blue Chip Original transforms 3 year old Irish Draught

I thought I would show you the difference Blue Chip has made to my Irish Draught 3 year old, who came over from Ireland just 3 months ago! Jasmine Diamond Mist is a purebred Irish Draught. She came over from Ireland where she had been kept at grass for the first 3 years of her life. When she came over, Andrew Leedham and Crowberry Stud saw the potential in her as an in-hand show horse.

They advised that I put her on Blue Chip Original for condition and top line; I was amazed to see how quickly the balancer showed fantastic results! Judges all over and producers have already seen something special in this mare, she has already won a number of Irish Draught classes.

My horse died suddenly in January and I was given this horse. My vision would be that she would be my best friend and happy hacker, I never expected to be doing in-hand shows with her and winning silverware! I am so grateful to Andrew advising me to feed Blue Chip Original, and for support they have given me with my mare.

Sarah Beirne

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