Blue Chip Original Ticks All The Boxes!

I have used many balancers over the years with horses and I’ve never found one which ticks all the boxes. I purchased Blue Chip Original for my TB dressage mare and within a few days I already started seeing the difference. Her coat was more shinier, she was much more calmer in the arena and her performance in the arena seems to be more effective since she went on Blue Chip. I seriously recommend to anyone who wants to achieve the best possible results from their horses to use Blue Chip Balancers. Original brought her back into great condition from having the winter off work, and I will never use another balancer for my horses ever again accept Blue Chip. Finally, all the vitamins and nutrients within Blue Chip are practically all the supplements most horses need all in one feed which saves money on having to buy extra supplements, and takes less time when preparing the horses feed. I swear by this balancer, and if you don’t try it on your horses then you’ll never know their full potential if given the right feed.

Elouise Brazierr & Charleigh

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