Blue Chip Original Native stops pony itching

unnamed (3)I would like to say a massive thank you. In 2012 I bought an Exmoor foal, who as she grew older began itching. Her itching got to the point where I decided to get the vet out, thinking it was sweet itch, which apparently can be quite common in Exmoor’s. The vet didn’t think it was sweet itch but an allergy. The only thing we could think of was her feed so my Mum said try stripping her feed back to basics so we took her off her chaff and young stock feed and replaced it with a balancer. She was much better, but not perfect, and we looked into the ingredients and noticed the two ingredients that were the same were molasses and alfalfa!

This was when I began looking into new feeds looking for a balancer that had all the nutrients and minerals in, without the molasses and alfalfa, and your new Native Pony balancer came up in the search engine! I was impressed by the write-up and having used Blue Chip on other ponies before and being pleased with it I decided to give it a go! I am 100% satisfied, I am so pleased with your product; my little mare is growing and maturing brilliantly and her itching has stopped! She can now be shown without getting stressed about her itchiness and she is comfortable with herself! Thank you so much very much, your native feed balancer has made Queenie so much more comfortable. On Tuesday I took her to Cheshire County Show where she took part in the 1, 2 & 3 year old Exmoor class. She won her class and then took the Reserve Exmoor Champion!”

Thank you so much!

I will certainly be recommending your Native Pony Balancer, as the difference in her is amazing!

Thanks again,

Becky Edwards

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