“Blue Chip Original Native… a brilliant product”

“I would just like to say that I have been using Blue Chip Original Native for the past few months and have found it to be a brilliant product.  I show, produce and breed Welsh Section C ponies to the highest standard, and have a couple that are naturally ‘generous’ in weight despite being in work and having a restricted feed regime.  I have also had a rather complex 4 yr old stallion, Tyrllawn Masterclass, to break in and he is a naturally nervous and spooky person which has proved challenging, especially with the anticipated arrival of spring. I moved him over to Original Native along with just a handful of chaff and the change in him has been astounding. He has settled in himself and has lost the edge that made him quirky to deal with. He has been out to 5 shows and has won all 5 including his first open ridden class, the BSPS Olympia qualifier at Suffolk County yesterday. He has lost the podgy overweight look and has manageable energy without being fizzy. I really thought that the atmosphere at Suffolk County may get to him, being of a nervous disposition, but he maintained settled and calm throughout with a lot of excellent remarks from both judges on his appearance and manners.  Before spending a few months away at stud, the 8 yr old senior stallion here, Popsters Tommy Cockles, attended 3 shows with brilliant results.  He is no stranger to success, standing reserve ridden Welsh Section C at HOYS last year but has been someone who the weight stays on, whatever I try. This year he has been on Original Native and the change in his physique is clear for everyone to see. He was supreme ridden of show & reserve supreme in-hand of show at NPS area 15, missed his HOYS qualification at NPS spring festival by 1 point (rider error) and was 2nd at Lampeter welsh stallion show. He returns in a month or so and will be back out under saddle trying to get that coveted HOYS and Olympia ticket once more.”

Nicole Musson


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