Blue Chip Original & Lami-light ensures settled tummies, lovely coats and strong feet.

Hi, I thought you might like to hear about our ponies, as they are a great testimonial to your feed balancers. We show welsh ponies under saddle, from youngsters just being broken to seasoned campaigners contesting the RIHS & HOYS qualifiers. They all get either Blue Chip Original or Blue Chip Lami-light – I swap throughout the year depending on the condition they are carrying, the level I want them to carry and the work they are doing. I find it easy to increase/decrease the amount of “top” they are holding by doing this whilst being assured they are getting all the nutrients they require. For example, building up to HOYS I feed Original to build body mass for the show ring, and after HOYS, we go back to Lami-light for maintenance weight over the winter. I find with Blue Chip they don’t “tuck up” when travelling or staying away from home, they have nice settled tummies, are level headed, have lovely coats all year round, and strong feet.

My husband is a farrier and he tries to convince all his clients to feed Blue Chip as he is so impressed with my ponies’ feet. I have attached some pictures; firstly my ponies playing out last January and then “Tyreos Casanova” (aka ‘Novi’ who is at the front of the first photo) in the international arena in the M&M Championship at HOYS 2012, after coming second in the Ridden Welsh Section C Pony of the Year Final. As you can see he is rock solid muscle, sleek coated (he has no artificial products on his coat in this picture) and moving for fun totally barefoot!

We also have a retired show horse who has cushings disease, and he is maintained on Lami-light only. After a terrible 2 years where we thought we would lose him, he is now in fantastic condition, and sound enough to go barefoot again. Since being ill he has been a bit of a fussy feeder, but he will happily eat the Lami-light all year round. Keep up the good work. Kind Regards, Joanna Clowes. P.S We also love the loyalty card scheme.

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