Blue Chip Original & Karma Helps Ex-Racing Pony

6 months ago I purchased a 148cm ex-racing pony in the middle of a very cold winter. He was underweight through lack of grass and the stress of moving, had a very poor coat and weighed just 350kg. We started him on Blue Chip Original feed balancer and Blue Chip Karma, and within hours Karma had taken affect; he had settled down, and once less stressed we were able to start helping him put on weight. Within a month he was looking a lot better already, weighing near the 400kg mark and was a lot happier in his new home.

Now he looks fabulous at his optimum weight (420kg) with a lot more topline and he certainly feels well too.  We still use Karma at shows as he does get excited but we know longer need it in his feed everyday. He has remained on Blue Chip Original and will do throughout the next winter.  Recently he has been diagnosed with gastric ulcers and the probiotic in Original has helped manage this well. 

He is now competing at 1.05m show jumping and working at elementary level dressage at home.  Next year we hope to start eventing but none of this would have been possible without Blue Chip which helped him put weight on and helped calm him down.

Attached is a picture of him before and after.


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