Blue Chip Original Improves Energy In 7-Year-Old Horse

I have owned my horse Maverick since he was a 3-year- old coming straight from Ireland, and bringing him on myself. He is now 7-years-old.

In the last year we have progressed so much and I am really looking forward to competing him further.

We currently compete at Prelim level dressage, BSJA club at 80cm, and Cross Country 2’6/2’9.

My aim is to continue with unaffiliated ODE’s and BE event either next year or 2013.

Since feeding him Blue Chip Original I am confident that he is receiving all his vitamins and minerals without the need for extra feed.

He has controllable energy and our results have hugely improved in all three disciplines.

People regularly comment on how well my horse looks and what a stunning coat he has. This is thanks to Blue Chip!
Sarah Law

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