Blue Chip Original Helps To Keep Mare Sane and Happy!

My 15.2hh 13 year old Cleveland Bay x Welsh small hunter type mare is fed Blue Chip Original Feed Balancer as it appears to control her hormone problems more reliably than anything else we’ve tried, either feed additives or veterinary medicines.

I got her as a lightly backed 4 year old, and due to her condition and terrible feet I began feeding her Blue Chip Original. The Blue Chip improved her immensely, but due to financial constraints I stopped feeding her it aged about 7. As she matured she developed fairly severe hormone problems, basically coming into season in March and staying in season to varying extents until November. Although she never tried to kick or bite me, she became terrifying to my other horses, attacking them in the field, and would do very little under saddle, becoming nappy, erratic and difficult.

The horse who had been a pleasure to own turned into a bad tempered nightmare! I tried various herbal additives, Regumate, which worked but was expensive and not really supposed to be used on a long term basis. I also, through research by my very helpful vet, tried injections which worked well but instead of working for the recommended 3 months wore off after 6 weeks. I was at a loss as to what to do, and basically gave up trying to take her to anything as it just resulted in a huge battle every time. As the condition of her feet had also worsened, I decided to put her back on Blue Chip Original to improve these while I worked out what to do with her and her hormone problems, as I was becoming convinced that I couldn’t keep her the way things were. However, to my surprise and delight, after a few weeks on Blue Chip she had a total personality change and returned to the slightly quirky but basically nice mare she had been in her younger days.

That was about 4 years ago and I’ve never stopped feeding her Blue Chip since! I lent her to the local equestrian college for a time while I was pregnant, and they didn’t believe me about how vital Blue Chip was to her diet so didn’t tell me when she ran out. After 3 days without it they were on the phone apologising for not believing me, and begging me to bring her new bag of Blue Chip over as they couldn’t stand her in her grumpy hormonal state! Blue Chip Original keeps my horse sane and happy, and I can’t risk going without it for very long.

Thank you for a product which has saved the relationship between my quirky, but much loved, horse and I!

P.S. my two little fat ponies are on Blue Chip Lami-light. and it has really helped their feet and overall condition, too

Janet Macleod

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