Blue Chip Original Helps Starved Ex-Racehorse Recover

Out of condition horseIn February 2010 I bought a 3 year old ex-racehorse TB filly, who was almost starved to death. She weighed only 350 kg and was unable to get herself up once lying down.

As soon as she arrived I put her on proper feed (6 meals a day) and added Blue Chip Original to every meal, after a friend had recommended it.

horse after condition gain

No-one ever thought that Pebbles (formerly known as Precious) would fully recover, or make a riding horse one day. Even the vet didn’t give her much of a chance.

I bluntly refused to have her put to sleep though, and with much help from the yard owner (who lifted her up with a sling and a tractor a few times), good food and care she managed to survive and became a healthy, good looking horse again.

She has grown quite a lot and is back to a normal weight of 520kg.  She is 4 and a half years old now and I have started her re-training programme.  She’s eager and very willing to learn.

I still feed her (and my other 2 horses) Blue Chip Original and I must say that it is the best feed balancer for my horses’ needs.

You can see the difference yourself in the photos above, which were taken in March 2010 and May 2011.

Thank you for producing such high-quality food. I doubt that she would have recovered so quickly without Blue Chip Original.


Kind regards,

Nic Galland


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