Blue Chip Original Helps Cremello Gain Weight

“Hi, I thought I’d send in a couple of pictures of my 4 year old Cremello welsh part-bred Prince.  He arrived to me last August looking a little slim due to the stresses of being entire so we had him gelded.  I first tried a well-known competitor product on which he didn’t improve condition, even though we had his portions exact.  So I went back to my feed supplier and asked what was the best broad-spectrum balancer and all round do good-er for my lad – and she replied with Blue Chip Original.  He doesn’t need much at all and has now put on and held weight really well – despite him living out 24/7.  I really do believe this product works wonders and will be keeping him on it for the foreseeable future – I’ve never been convinced by balancers until I tried Blue Chip.  I have enclosed a couple of pictures of him to show the difference.”  Jade Ross


Cremello2 Cremello



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