Blue Chip Original Aids Mare With Weight Gain

I own a 15.2 chestnut mare who was practically un-rideable and we really struggled with her weight (especially in the winter months when her condition dropped rapidly).

I tried several build up mixes but they just simply fizzed her up. After some research I thought that a Blue Chip feed balancer might be able to improve her condition.

We started using Blue Chip Original last summer and I couldn’t believe how well she was all winter. Taking into consideration the horrible snow and the fact I was working full time, she remained in good shape, was healthy and very calm. I found other feeds were just not necessary.

After only a few weeks of using Original I saw a dramatic change; she maintained weight, had a glossy coat, and concentrated a lot more on her work. She improved at competitions, winning various dressage classes, and winning British Novices and Discovery classes.

I currently give her a calmer but after all our success with Original I plan to swap her onto Blue Chip Karma, as a friend of mine has said it completely transformed her horse and highly recommends it.

I would never stop feeding her Blue Chip Original as she is now a changed horse; I now enjoy riding again, and I’m proud of how well she looks.

With hard work and Blue Chip products to back me up, we can continue to improve. You can see in the photo above how great she looks, normally when she is clipped she looks like a bag of bones.

Once again thank you for changing my horse and my riding hobby for all the right reasons. Blue Chip Original is an amazing product!
Sarah Rutter

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