Blue Chip Original aids in recovery

Rising two year old Taboo first came to the attention of PennyHa’Penny Horse and Pony Rescue on the 18th February 2013, when we received a phone call from a young man about a collapsed pony. We immediately attended the call out and found a young, very emaciated colt too weak to stand. He was in a field with 10 other ponies in various stages of starvation. Taboo was a constant companion to the collapsed pony, keeping careful watch over his friend and greeting every new person in the field with his ears forward, he met everyone from the vet to RSPCA inspectors and interested passers-by. Taboo, although very underweight and wearing a head collar several sizes too small, was gentle and interested in everything, tipping up the vets case and pulling blankets off his friend! When the horse ambulance arrived, Taboo took to loading himself on the trailer, his prompt as if to say I’m coming with you! It was heart-breaking having to unload him three times he got on so that we could stretcher-off the collapsed pony for medical attention ASAP. Unfortunately the collapsed pony died the following day in hospital.

A second pony died being too weak to get up out of the mud, we did all we could to save the little one but it was too late. Once again Taboo was more than willing to load and did everything that was asked of him. The following day the RSPCA signed Taboo and the three mares over to PennyHa’Penny rescue. Taboo was in such poor condition the vet in charge was concerned that he would not survive the stress of travelling; he phoned us at the rescue centre to make sure Taboo had made the three mile journey safely. The first week for Taboo was touch and go, to see if his body would recover from the previous lack of food and fresh water. We contacted Blue Chip to ask their advice, and they kindly sent us some Blue Chip Original to aid his recovery. All the time he is being handled he has been very gentle to people, never kicking, biting or even putting his ears back during treatments he has had to have, like de-lousing, worming and a few examinations by the vet. He is still protective over feed buckets and water, but this is to be expected. Over the past few week Taboo has made some progress in character, as well as being more alert and having brighter eyes. The weight is slowly being put on, and he is being fed several small feeds a day as well as hay. Over the weekend we turned Taboo out into a field to have more space than in the barn. Seeing him trot and canter in a small herd was such a joy, and so different to that pony that may not have survived the trailer journey.

At the moment he is still too weak to undergo anaesthetic to be gelded, but with the right care and monitored, healthy diet we can see that despite his poor start in life this pony can make a great recovery and turn into a beautiful, well-mannered happy cob.

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