Blue Chip Lami-light Helps with Connemara’s Fast Recovery

In October my 11 year old Connemara, mare was diagnosed with Laminitis, she could hardly stand when the vet was called and was in dreadful pain, we prepared ourselves for the worst that she would not make it through the night, the vets were great they quickly gave her pain relief and padded her front feet, she was stabled for around two months and was not allowed to step out of her stable. We heard about Blue Chip products and reading some good reports we decided to try the Lami-Light.  She was on the road to recovery by the start of the year and was responding very well to the product, she was brought back into work in March and attended her first Dressage event in April, of which we and the vets were amazed she had come on so fast.

We have fed her on the Lami-Light ever since and she is now enjoying a happy lifestyle and is back competing at Novice/ Elementary dressage level, scoring in the mid 60’s to 70’s, no one could believe how well she was doing especially since I never expected to be riding her again.  We have been getting some great comments from judges and other competitors, her condition is fantastic and her coat and hooves look amazing, she can now enjoy life back in the field with other horses.

I can not thank you enough for developing an amazing feed, I always recommend your products to others and I believe her fast recovery was helped greatly by Blue Chip Lami-Light.
Thank You
Abigail Mitchell and Oakwood Spring Poppy

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