Blue Chip Lami-light For A Wonderful Coat, Amazing Hoof Quality & Reduced Fat Deposits

“My pony was very overweight, even though he was in full work.  I had worked with him for over a year prior to buying him and I knew that he put weight on from looking at a blade of grass and easily went off his head with too much sugar.  He was prone to becoming a stallion in certain situations as he was gelded late, and was at risk of laminitis. I wanted something that I could feed him without having to worry about the fizz and his stallion-y temperament.  I had tried a fibre and pellet blend product, but feeding him the specified amount made him put on weight, but I knew that if he wasn’t on that amount he wasn’t getting the correct level of nutrients out of it that he needed.  I was adding 3 supplements at one point just to get the essentials into him and it got to a certain point where I no longer saw the point, so researched into other means of feeding him.


“Then another owner on my yard suggested Blue Chip Lami-Light; she was feeding it to her horse and after only 2 weeks of feeding it she could see a difference.  Her horse happened to be a bigger version of mine and if it was working for him, I thought why shouldn’t it work for us? I thought I would give it a go and it is the best thing I think I’ve done for him!


“I have known him 3 years, including the time I have owned him, and he has always been a fatty but I am overjoyed to declare that a thing of the past! His coat is in wonderful shape, as for his hooves… amazing! His fatty pads are beginning to disappear and I never thought it possible that so much could be effected by simply a feed!  I am a lot calmer than this time last year as the grass is coming through and I am happy enough with his weight that I see no reason for him to be going out on it!”

Ellie Gollins


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