Blue Chip Karma Helps Highly Strung Horse

I tried Blue Chip Karma on my horse Zen, when he needed to be rested after an injury which occurred in his field. Zen is a six year old Thoroughbred ex racehorse and is normally quiet and well behaved, however, after having time off work he was becoming quite highly strung.

Zen was to have an equine massage to ease the fluid build up in his back and knowing that he can be very nervous when being handled by people he doesn’t know, I decided to try Blue Chip’s Karma. The Karma worked brilliantly, Zen was very quiet and relaxed throughout his massage and even managed to be turned out afterwards without charging around!

I am thrilled with the results and can’t recommend Karma enough. Zen is also fed on Blue Chip Original and Diane from Sheffield Equine Massage commented on how supple he was through his neck and topline.

Thank you Blue Chip, your products really do work!

Lauren Preskey, Arjento Equestrian

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