Blue Chip Joint RLF – the results are amazing!

The owner (Michele Hedley) of one of Blue Chip’s supported horses, Hugo – ridden by Chris Hall, is having amazing results feeding Joint RLF to her mare (Hugo’s Mum!):

“Molly (Mum of Hugo) was an advanced eventer. In 2005 she sustained an injury when her Achilles’ tendon slipped off her hock; it was obvious she was never going to compete at that level again, but she was sound enough to be ridden. Her hock joint was medicated and she was completely sound for almost 3 years. She was medicated again, and this time it lasted a little over 2 years. Her last medication only lasted a couple of months, and the vet thought the best treatment for her would be bute daily, reducing or increasing the dose as needed. She was also on a leading brand of joint supplement. Although she looked good and felt fine out hacking she was never completely sound on a circle. As Hugo is sponsored by Blue Chip, and is fed Joint RLF as well as Pro, I decided to switch Molly onto the same. After 6 weeks the results are amazing! She is now off bute completely, and is sound on even a 10 metre circle. I can now school her again, and at the ripe old age of 22 she feels 10 years younger. The only thing I can put this change down to is Blue Chip Joint RLF, as this is the only thing that I have changed. I’m thrilled with how wonderful she looks and feels, and would not now use any other joint supplement. Attached is a photo of Hugo and Molly having had a good time on the gallops.”

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