Blue Chip is Unbelievable!!!

Following an advert placed in numerous equestrian magazines, Blue Chip has received a number of calls and emails from people saying they thought the images used were faked or even different horses.

As one of the largest advertisers in the equestrian industry, Blue Chip takes their responsibility as an advertiser very seriously.

The Blue Chip advert in question used a selection of before and after photos that customers had sent in to them to show the remarkable difference that had occurred whilst feeding Blue Chip Original. Marketing Manager Liz Sayfritz says “As many horses lose condition or struggle to maintain their weight during winter we decided to choose from the many before and after photos we receive from delighted customers to use in an advert. Customers frequently send to us photos showing the dramatic difference that feeding Blue Chip Original achieves. The photos that have been used are exactly what the customers sent to us, we would never doctor photos in any way and we also think that if you look at the overall conformation of the horse it is very clear that they are the same horses.

One comment about the advert is that a white sock moved from one leg to another in the photos. This is because the image had been ‘flipped’; this was done by the customer to better demonstrate the results. However we have now flipped it back and reissued the advert. The other horse commented on was a chestnut that in the first photo appeared to have white socks and in the after photo they appear as white stockings, but in fact if you look closely in the first picture the horse is wearing brushing boots on all four legs.”

Blue Chip’s owner, founder Clare Blaskey says “We would never mislead anyone with our advertising as the Blue Chip products do exactly what we say they do. We would never use faked images. However with products as good as ours that really do make a difference, it is understandable that people cannot believe how much these horses have improved and therefore assume it cannot be the same horse.”

Blue Chip Original has been scientifically proven in a series of trials at Hartpury College. The trials showed that by feeding Blue Chip Original feed balancer alongside a fibre diet the horse can double their ability to digest fibre, meaning they can get twice as many nutrients out of the fibre in their diet. This can ultimately reduce feed bills whilst ensuring horses get everything they need on a daily basis, and is one of the reasons why Blue Chip Original keeps horses in top condition.

A pdf of the ad can be downloaded/ viewed here:

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