Blue Chip Gets Star Buy in Central Horse News Magazine

Blue Chip Original & Joint RLF were voted ‘Star Buy’ in the September issue of Central Horse Magazine.

The Blue Chip products, which beat the other feed balancers currently on the market, were tested by Sally Unwin and her horse, Morgan.

She voted both products 5/5, claiming they made Morgan ‘more supple’ and ‘able to move much more freely’, in addition to noticing ‘a gleaming coat’.


Below is Sally’s review.


Since using Blue Chip Original I have noiced a big difference in Morgan when ridden and in appearance. His coat gleams and his skin seems in much better health in general. I have also found that he has gained topline more easily and has maintained fitness.

My riding instructor noticed the improvement in his condition and way of going too. My feed bill has also been reduced, as I only need to feed a handful of chaff and the recommended amount of Blue Chip, and I’ve cut out his extra hoof supplement and garlic as this is all included in the Blue Chip Original.

Since using both products I don’t need to warm up for as long as I used to as he is much more supple. The day after intense exercise he also moves much more freely than he would have before. I would definately recommend both Blue Chip products and I will continue to use them throughout the winter when Morgan will predominantly be hunting.


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