Blue Chip feed balancers transform ISPCA rescue horses

Molly an 8mth old bay filly and Dawn a 7 yr old grey cob mare were rescued by an ISPCA inspector in early April. Both were emaciated and suffering from exposure. They were seized by the Gardai and removed to the safety of the National Animal Centre. Molly was in a very weaken state and severely worm bound. Unable to stand at first Molly refused to eat on her own and had to be hand fed small amounts of soft grass and Blue Chip Original. Dawn on the other hand was delighted to tuck into her several small feeds throughout the day.

As you can see both girls have made a fantastic recovery and Molly continues to amaze us with how well she has done. Both ponies were fed Blue Chip Original feed balancer from day one and I have no doubt it is the reason they have thrived so well and so quickly. In fact Dawn has done so well she is now on Blue Chip Lami Light to provide all she needs along with grass but without weight gain! What a pleasure it is to see Molly racing across the field to tuck into her Blue Chip!!

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