“Blue Chip Dynamic Keeps My 23 Year Old Young!”

Adriana Vaux has been in touch with us about how Blue Chip Dynamic has benefited her 23 year old cob Buster…

We decided to start feeding my 23 year old cob Blue Chip Dynamic after trying several other supplements which had no effect and I was looking to find the very best product that I could find to support his joints and their well-being.

Since being on Blue Chip Dynamic, his ability to work more freely has really shot up.  2016 was his first year on Blue Chip Dynamic and he was seeing great success in his Horse of the Year Show qualifiers, always being placed, which is great when all the other horses were around 16 years younger than him! This year, we are focusing on dressage and we are now working towards competing at Elementary level for our riding club team, as well as in Veteran horse classes and the British Dressage Native and Traditional Cob dressage qualifiers. We also compete in our riding team in both Cross Country and Show Jumping but where our flat work is concerned; he is just excelling because of his amazing suppleness.

Being on Blue Chip Dynamic has taken such a weight off my mind, knowing that I am feeding my horse a supplement of the highest quality. I have owned him for 17 years, so to me, he has to have the only the best. We are both very happy that we can continue to compete and we are in fact getting better and better each year.

Thank you for such a wonderful product. I can hands down say that I will never be taking Buster off Blue Chip Dynamic and I am very much looking forward to seeing what the future holds for him

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