Blue Chip Continue to Support The Ex Racers Club Series for the Fifth Year Running

The Ex Racers Club is pleased to announce that Blue Chip Feed is once again supporting the Ex Racers Club classes and finals for 2015. Their continued support means that even more classes will be available throughout the country for ex race horses to go out and compete at local level shows and gain confidence and experience in there early days of retraining. The series of classes has been running successfully for several years now and it ends the season in Scotland with a championship final at the famous Blair Horse Trials in Perthshire and the prestigious horse show at Romsey in Hampshire in September.

This year will see a slight change in their qualifying criteria which will allow ALL horses that are placed in 1st to 4th positions to qualify for the final. In the past only Scotland has had this privilege but it has now been extended to cover all classes thus allowing more horses and owners the opportunity should they wish to compete at a high level final.

Over the past years Blue Chip has provided the winners with some wonderful prizes and rosettes and no doubt this year we can look forward to even more of their wonderful goodies which can only mean yet another good year for ex race horses, Blue Chip Feed and the Ex Racers Club which together make a winning team.

Qualifying classes will be published on the Ex Racers Club website at Classes are published each day as soon as they become confirmed so keep checking back. If you are looking to compete your ex race horse at a local show but find that there isn’t any classes in your area then contact your local riding club or show organiser and ask them to get in touch by emailing and we will work together to get some ex race horse classes in your area.

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