Blue Chip All Star Academy Finalist David Morris tells us about his time at Talland

Hello! My name is David Morris, and I live in Northumberland with my wife and two daughters. I have been riding for around three and a half years after I fell in love with the sport when both myself and my daughters took up riding lessons and I soon became hooked!

I bought my horse Bam Bam after six months of weekly lessons, and he is a 16.2 Irish Sports Horse who had only hunted and show jumped previously, but I knew he was the one. We have since then tried our hand at showing and show jumping, but then we tried something a little different for both him and me – dressage!! We now compete most weekends and we have recently joined British Dressage which I am very proud to be a part of.

Recently, I also sent an audition video in to Horse and Country TV to be part of the Blue Chip All Star Academy, along with hundreds of other applicants, and I was one of the lucky ones to be selected! I was chosen as one of eight riders to travel down the country to The Talland School of Equitation with Bam Bam after only four days of finding out that I had been selected to take part in the five part series which was set to be like The Apprentice, meets Big Brother on Horseback!

Since returning from filming the Blue Chip All Star Academy episodes at Talland with a little more fire in my belly (which I didn’t think was possible) things have been non-stop! I am currently inH&H feature the middle of training to be a riding instructor whilst bringing on my young horse, Phantom, and also, I have been given the ride of a horse owned by Jon and Sophie Ball called Commanche Z. After only riding him for a short time, we won our first BD test together at Northallerton with the help of my amazing coach, Shelly Wilson, and our win is  also featured in the issue of Horse and Hound out on the 21st July.

I will be posting regular updates on, as well as on Facebook on my page David Morris – One Foot In The Stirrup, but if you see me out and about, do come and say hello!!




10 Minutes with David Morris…

Find out what David thought about his experiences at the Talland School of Equitation when filming the Blue Chip All Stars Academy:

  1. Tell us why a bit about your time at Talland and how you felt upon arrival?

Upon our arrival to the Talland School of Equation in Cirencester, I felt very nervous, but also very proud and honoured that I’d even been picked to be one of the eight Blue Chip All Star Academy contestants

At first I felt like a bit of an outsider, after finding out that I was the oldest, but also the one with the least experience, as I had only been riding 3 and a half years and felt I had maybe bitten off more than I could chew! I felt my passion and love for this sport had got me to this point though, and all I had to do was the rest, so no pressure there then! After feeling very nervous and apprehensive on our very long journey down, which took seven hours in total, I quickly became relaxed after meeting the other 7 contestants and their horses, and once Bam Bam was settled in his stable only then could I properly relax and take in how massive this opportunity was for us after a chaotic few days!

  1. What were the highlights of your time at Talland?

My Highlight of my time at the Talland, was the whole thing from start to finish so it is hard to choose just one! From riding the amazingly talented Abira and interviewing Carl Hester to having lessons off both Pammy and Charlie Hutton, jumping lessons with Ludwig Svennerstall and gaining seven life-long friends – the list just keeps going!!

  1. What did you learn whilst at Talland?

The Talland is a truly amazing place and a very inspiring place to be. Pammy Hutton has a very big place in my heart, and from my very first encounter with her in our flat work riding module it was like she had phoned my riding instructor, Shelly Wilson, to find out both mine and Bam Bam’s strengths and weaknesses! She has a very calming influence and told me all I had to do was trust her, which gave me confidence in the show jumping and out on the cross country Field. I can’t thank her enough as she took me from a very nervous open field rider to one that was calm, relaxed and effective, and since returning back home I now hack out often both alone and in company.

  1. How is this going to change what you do in the future?

I have been back for lessons since leaving Talland, but only wish I lived a little closer than I do to make it easier, but I find that if you want something bad enough, obstacles don’t matter, what matters is how you get over or round them that count! I will continue all the hard work that I put in at Talland with my trainer at home, and since I returned, I have had my first BD win which even went in the Horse and Hound!

  1. What was your favourite task and why?

Charlie Hutton is a true inspiration to me – I feel I learned a lot in the time I had with him when I was riding Bam Bam or even just watching him ride! I did think at one point he was trying to finish me off when he had me doing sitting trot with no stirrups for about 20 minutes! We were actually working on improving my seat and my position and saw some amazing results! Thank you Charlie!

We hope to bring you more news of David’s success over what will be a busy summer for him, so watch this space for updates!

Good Luck David!

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