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Name: Beth Vernon

Horse/s for 2014:: Omane De Faux (Foxy), Quianton Leona (Leona), Za Touche (Pico), Blitzer Go (Blitz) and any horses I ride for Billy.

Best 2013 Results: 4 wins with Blitz at Oliva Nova 2*; 4th Under18 final at Scope; 6th under23 at Aintree

2014 Goals: Junior Europeans

Top Tips: Keep learning and always try to improve

Personal highpoint: Winning Pony Europeans

Memorable Horses: Falaza


Facebook: Beth Vernon Showjumper

Blog: Twitter – Beth Vernon



  •  “At the end of June we went to Weston lawns for the HOYS qualifiers.  Unfortunately Dassler, Dennis and Timmy had 4 faults in their qualifiers.  Zelaleen and Foxy were 2nd and 3rd in the 1.30m.  Then it was off to the British Masters at Southview,  a fantastic show, with Zelaleen and Aminko.  I jumped my first world ranking class and just had 4 faults, so unlucky.  Four days later (Friday)  it was back to Southview for Newcomers 2nd rounds again with Dennis and Dassler, and Timmy, Foxy and Aminko to pop round the 1.30m.   Dassler was clear in the 1st round but had 2 time faults, and Dennis was clear, clear and 8 faults.  I was back again yesterday for Foxhunter 2nd rounds with Timmy – clear, clear and 4 faults.  Missed out on HOYS but I believe he’s got a Scope masters ticket.  Today I’m off to Keysoe2* with Foxy (Omane des Faux) Zelaleen and Aminko, and I’m hoping to qualify for the Grand Prix.  I’m hoping to take Dassler and Dennis to Addington for the Newcomer 2nd round on Sunday.  Attached a couple of pics from Weston Lawns, Dennis (Pewit Oitimo) and Dassler.”  Beth Vernon
  • “Beth was jumping at Bakewell Show yesterday; Aminko was 2nd in the 1.30m and Omane des Faux also came 2nd in the Accumulator.  Unfortunately Aminko took a dislike to the water in the Area Trial and wouldn’t jump it.  He jumped the exact same water last week absolutely perfectly, but it was a big blue monster this time.” Beth Vernon
  • “Beth had a good time in Ireland.  Foxy jumped fantastic in the speed derby and finished 10th and Aminko was amazing on the last day in the 1.45m and finished 3rd out of more than 70 in the class!  She is off to Scope on Sunday; unfortunately Foxy won’t be with us as when they arrived back from Ireland he was travel sick.  Thankfully Beth noticed he wasn’t himself and called the vet straight away.  He’s on the mend but it was decided yesterday not to take him. Beth was very disappointed, the under 21/18’s was what she’d been aiming him for, but the good news is she’s still got 5 to compete on.”

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  • Beth Vernon has had a great start to the indoor SJ season; on Thursday 2nd October she went to Solihull with Omane des Faux, Aminko and Annaughmore Lui. All 3 jumped the 1.30m double-clear and were placed, with Omane Des Faux being beaten by .01sec into 2nd place. Well done Beth.
  • December update: “The past week has been a very busy one.  Friday – Sunday I competed at Keysoe 2* International with Annaghmore Lui, Omane des Faux and Aminko N.Annaghmore Lui picked up 4th and 5th placings, Omane des Faux was placed in 1.35m and Aminko N was placed in the 1.45m and Grand Prix.  All the horses jumped fab.  Monday and Tuesday I was in Warwickshire with the World Class – I have been selected alongside other top young riders onto the World Class Development Programme.  It’s a fantastic opportunity and I am very pleased to have been selected, thanks to UK Sport and the National Lottery.”  Beth Vernon



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