Before and After on Blue Chip!

Hi Blue Chip!

Just wanted to say a quick thank you and send you a few pictures of my boy. He’s always been a ‘bad doer’ in winter, however this winter was extremely tough on him after he was put through surgery for Kissing Spine. He became extremely dull, very skinny and hippy with a dry coarse coat. When the time came to start putting him back in to gentle lunging I knew that if I didn’t get some meat on him he would not cope with the work load, or develop in the right places despite being only 7 years old. I’ve played around with lots of feed in the past but nothing worked for him at all. Now, after only 3 weeks of being on Blue Chip Original I can see a HUGE difference in his condition, and he is now slowly coming back in to work; I cannot wait to be riding him again in the next month or so.

Thanks Blue Chip!

Love Becky and Sunny Doo.


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