Becci Harrold

annie blue chip 3Horses for 2014:

My Harlequin Lady 6yo mare- Irish Sports Horse by Temple Clover

Shannondale Annie 4yo Mare- Irish Sports Horse by Shannondale Sarco

Best 2013 Results:

  • Winning Skipton Novice on 23.5 dressage
  • Producing a 5yo from BE90 to Novice in one season
  • Selected for training and selection for the 2* GB European team

2014 Goals:

  • Qualify Lady for the YH 6yo Championship at Osberton
  • Qualify Annie for the YH 4yo championship at Osberton
  • Enter BYEH and post good results in the 4yo classes
  • Qualify for the Riding Club Championship
  • Be selected for the Riding Club European team

Top Tips:

  • Be prepared
  • Run through your dressage test before you go in the arena, I often suffer from memory loss especially riding 2 horses at different levels.
  • Have somebody on the ground to help you warm up, my mum often picks up things to improve my riding.

Personal highpoint:

  • 35th out of 105 finishes in the CCI* at Osberton 2011
  • Winning the EHOA training awards 2012
  • Selected for training and selection for the 2* GB European team
  • Winner of the Riding Club area 16 Horse Trials

Memorable Horses:

Pokeys Puzzle- sold earlier this year to fund the purchase of My Harlequin Lady. Took me to CCI* level 35th out of 105 finishes at Osberton International Horse Trials, 9th & 12th place at Chatsworth International, Numerous placings at Novice level. Came 5th out of 731 competitors in the Pony Club Open MustoEventing League 2011.







  • Hope you are well just a quick update now my season has finished, but it definitely finished with a big bang!Sat at my desk writing this I am still grinning ear to ear! I’m looking at all the pictures and thinking “wow that’s actually me!” It has always been a huge ambition of mine to get a horse I have produced myself to the 6yo Championships and it was something I missed out doing with Candy 2 years ago because of the rubbish wet season we had which stopped us getting the runs we needed in before tackling a serious 1 star. 2 years later Lady has stepped up to the mark and for filled this amazing ambition for me.

    It’s always nice going to an event and actually feeling like you can be competitive or even come away with that all important ribbon. I had to mentally prepare myself for this event and keep telling myself not to get downhearted when looking at the score board. After all I was competing against the best professional riders in the world on their top class 6yo’s who would probably go on to be there next 4* horse!  So when William Fox Pitt (hat’s off to him) topped the leader board not just taking 1st but 2nd too I knew I was there just to enjoy myself and if I could complete that would be as good as winning for me.

    It was so nice to get out my tails again for dressage, they really do make you feel the part when your trotting down the centre line. Lady was a little tense in the test at times which was picked up by the two judges at C and E. She broke in the counter canter and had a little jog in the extended walk, but we all thought she copped brilliantly with the huge atmosphere and the arena after at least 100 horses had been in before her plus some heavy rain the night before.

    We were due to Show Jump an hour after dressage, so I didn’t have much time at all to stew about the rather large obstacles I would be jumping! It was a long and technical course with 13 jumping efforts. We went in and gave it our all, the spreads seemed so much wider than usual so when I had both part of the double down at fence 4 I stepped the canter up a gear and she flew the rest, I was really pleased with that and how well Lady had concentrated in the arena. As soon as we jumped fence 1 she switched onto me and we soon forgot about all the crowd, friends and family watching and enjoyed what we were in there for.. the jumping!!

    We travelled back Sunday to do the cross country with Osberton only being 1 hour away. We were on at 11.50 and because we didn’t have the normal routine of dressage and SJ to warm us up, I set a good 45 minutes aside to get into the grove! The warm up was great she was really listening to me and felt really up for it! There were so many fences to warm up over which was great, so I jumped on angles and tested her at the skinnies, we were on it! About to go in the start box  I could feel Lady getting more and more agitated, which was a great feeling underneath me. She gave me the most amazing ride.  I was totally ecstatic and emotional when we finished I couldn’t thank Lady enough. I will let you relive it with me by sharing my HEDCAMz footage with you, it’s definitely the best round I’ve ever ridden. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!! I have also attached my video of the whole Osberton experience.

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