August Update — Becci Harrold

The last few months have been a bit mixed – unfortunately I had to withdraw from the pony club championship which I was really gutted about.  It would have been our first time going and Candy was on cracking form, so it would have been interesting to see where she would have finished.  We figured out the next day with the amount of swelling and clearly no lameness it was a wasp sting… typical! (but there’s always next year!)  She is feeling great at the minute and will be back in work end of this week.  We are working towards the Vale View Arena Eventing Final next weekend with both Lady and Candy which is televised so we are really looking forward to that!  Lady is at Prestwold BE100 this weekend, then they both head to Goring Heath for the IN and the BE100.  Candy is then entered into Gatcombe 1*  – can’t wait for that!

Becci Harrold

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