April Update — Becci Harrold

On Saturday we travelled to Breckenborough which took us about 2 hours for the Novice. I had done the BE there last year with Candy Blue and had really enjoyed it. I had a lesson with Helen Bell at the beginning of the season which went well and she encouraged me to enter the Novice with them having a new course builder too. The ground was absolutely perfect and Lady was pinging, feeling extremely well to say the least! Dressage was a bit rushed and we didn’t really get as much warm up as we wanted. She is such a big horse and is just starting to settle, so although the marks aren’t anything special yet, I have a feeling her best work will start to show when she matures further and gets into the swing of things.

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Show Jumping was causing problem after problem with only 11 clears in my section, and Lady was one of them. She jumped amazing even with me burying her into the last fence, she was so careful and coped well in the ring which was on slightly sloping ground. I walked the cross country after dressage and the course was built beautifully; it had some testing questions with lots of skinnies on angles. Something I do worry about on a 6yo with her not being the straightest! Lady flew round making it one of my best rounds to date. I loved every single minute and came back totally stunned over the finish line feeling like I should be punching the air!! Don’t get me wrong, there is room for improvement – the brakes and straightness issue was resolved into the questions, but it required me sitting her up a lot earlier before the fence. We picked up 12 time penalties in spite of this but it really was worth taking the time to ensure we had a very confident and clear run to set Lady up for the future. I wanted to make sure she understood every question, and it worked a treat. I am so excited for our next run, Chatsworth here we come!

More exciting news is Lady has now qualified for the 6yo Young Horse Championships at Osberton and that is something I am really looking forward to and will be working towards.

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