April Update

I have spent all winter getting ready for some jumping lessons. We spent a couple of months just doing flatwork . I don’t mean “just” I mean “only”.

Ted is a pony that needs to trust you before you can get the best out of him so we practiced our flatwork . For hours. Now he moves longer and lower and more freely than before . He didn’t need to in the hunting field . In January, our new jumping saddle arrived and then we began . I decided that slow and steady was the best course of action .

Don’t get me wrong Ted is a cross country jumping machine but less keen on coloured poles . I wanted to start with the basics and so we did . Hundreds of trotting poles , gridwork exercises , cross poles later we were ready for some lessons . We have had two lessons with Richard Barton and one with his wife, Janet . Each was brilliant and we learnt lots .

I hope one day to know half as much as they do . As is usual for me each trip to their yard ( about 3 miles) included a mini disaster . We had a puncture and had call out the equine rescue and breakdown truck . We had a blizzard and almost had to leave the pony with Richard over night! An
d every time it has been pouring with rain and blowing a gale.

Now I have started my lessons on him we are nearly ready to go to a worker class . Fingers crossed all the hard work and patience pays off . I don’t think I will ever stop having lessons but I do hope that the weather improves.

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