AppleCalm, Karma & Lami-light Help Keep Pony Calm At Trawden Show

I have been using Blue Chip’s Lami-light, Karma and AppleCalm.

I am not sure if it was adding Lami-light to her diet or something in her previous low calorie-balancer that didn’t agree with her, but the difference in her after a few days is amazing. I also bought a bottle of Karma to feed to her daily.

When we were at Sedgefield show on Saturday; I gave her AppleCalm before we loaded and it was amazing!

She stood in a collecting ring with generators, kids bursting balloons, music (all of which would have normally wound her up) like a rock. She then went in her class and did a foot-perfect show and came 5th out of 15 in a very strong class of mares, and under a judge that 3 months ago at another show didn’t even look at her.

Yesterday we went to Trawden Show. I followed the same routine and again at a very busy and noisy show,  she kept calm and took 2nd in a strong mare class. The difference in my pony is amazing, both in the way she looks and the way she behaves at shows.

The last few years she has gone from being a top class show pony into a pony that was ‘ok’ and was definitely lacking something, until we started using the Blue Chip products. Fingers crossed after this weekend she will improve more and I will get my pony back to how she was. She is improving daily and is so much calmer at shows.

I have also put my ridden ex-Grand National Shetland on Karma and gave her AppleCalm at a show on Saturday. She has previously got stressed in the show ring, particularly after the ride-round however after a foot-perfect show she went on to win her Ridden Shetland Pony Class.

Thank you again for all your help.

King regards,

Vicky Howard


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