AppleCalm Helps Ex-Racehorse Keep Calm And Focused At Show


I tried AppleCalm on my Mum’s horse, Jerry, over the weekend as we were taking him to a show.

He just retired from racing eight months ago and I am sure all horse owners are aware of how silly and hot-headed they can be.

He is a nervous traveller on his own and in the trailer and I found that AppleCalm worked a treat on him.

He loaded well, was well behaved travelling and performed perfectly throughout the whole day.

It was nice to give him a product that takes the edge off but doesn’t affect his performance.

My Mum has always been a little nervous cantering him out in open spaces however his calmness helped her get over that fear and she trusted him to canter in her individual show.

She came second in Re-training of the Racehorse and he was one of the calmest and well behaved (considering half the competitor’s horses hadn’t seen a racetrack in 20 years!)

I will be recommending this product to anyone as I really do believe it worked and I think Jerry appreciated the nice taste of it.



Jade Duncan


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