Antony Iren and Colby Are Placed At The Europeans

“I showed Colby at the Europeans two weeks ago; we finished 8th out of about 60 horses, which was awesome, and even better as there was only 1.5 points difference between me and the winner. In the first go he fell on his bum in the turn; I think I asked him to go to fast and when he stopped he just lost his footing, and the surface wasn’t very deep and very slick which didn’t really help, so I got a 2 point penalty. Also, in the 1st stop he went too hard and deep into it, and I made a mistake and didn’t fully wait to ask him for the roll back, and he was still trying to get stable, so we had a trot out. But I was really happy with him and he tried really hard; our 2 scores were added together and those penalties cost me first place. We are going to retire him from big shows now, due to his shoulder, but maybe still show him next year here in England.

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