Amber O’Neill










Name: Amber O’Neill

Horse/s for 2014:: Blue Chip Jasper

Best 2013 Results:

3rd Indoor National Championships

2nd Ashfields National

1st Sandringham National

4th British Carriagedriving National Championships

2014 Goals: Balancing competing with uni. Continue improving Jaspers dressage.

Top Tips:

  • Always give your horse as much turnout as possible
  • Work hard and you will get results
  • Looking after your horses joints is really important, so a good joint supplement is a must in a competition horse
  • Ensure your horse has the best quality nutrition so he can perform to the best of his ability

Personal highpoint:

Representing my country four times, I am extremely proud to have competed for Great Britain. To take Jasper, who I have trained myself to the FEI European Championships is my greatest achievement.

Memorable Horses:

They have all been memorable but particularly my first pony Snowflake and Fortune Teller, who I won three Silver Medals with.







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  • “It’s been a very busy few months for me! After finishing my uni exams my summer has been filled with field work including a 6 week-long trip to the Isle of Skye for my Independent Mapping Project. This was probably the toughest thing I have ever done as it was seriously hard work, but I’m really pleased that I managed it. Staying motivated was tough but my mapping partner Abbi and I got through it.   After I got back I was so happy to be back home with Jasper and out driving again. I was really hoping to get to a few low key competitions but transport issues have held us back – we managed to enjoy some really lovely rides/drives with Jasper though.  A few weeks ago Team O’Neill headed off to Cirencester Park for the British Carriage Driving National Championships.  It was weird being there and not competing but it meant we had plenty of time to relax and have fun.  It was a great weekend and was really nice to see all our friends again.  Now I am back at uni in my 3rd year – with plenty of work to do now, so it’s all getting pretty stressful!  Unfortunately I am going to miss the first indoor event of the season as I have to go on a field trip to Tenerife for a week but I am really excited about competing this Winter and can’t wait to get back into it.  Please find attached some pictures of what I’ve been up to over the past few months.  Massive thank you to Blue Chip for supporting me during these busy few months. Jasper is well after his time off but raring to get back into work.  Looking forward to the next few weeks!”  Amber and Jasper.


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