Amazing results with Blue Chip Karma!

I just wanted to say thank you for producing such an amazing Karma! One that actually works and is worth every penny spent! I have had a number of issues with my pony, Puzzle, over the 7 years I have owned him – extreme napping, both ridden and on the ground (to the point where he couldn’t leave the yard tacked up). Refusing to leave his field, bolting when being led, loading issues (it could take hours), travelling issues (he wouldn’t travel by himself at all), travelling with others was stressful – rearing when ever the lorry was turned off, and he would come off the lorry dripping in sweat and extremely tucked up. He was generally a tense pony, although not spooky, but out hacking he was always on his toes, worried about everything in his surroundings. At home, if another horse walked past the school, concentration was lost and we would spend the rest of the time rearing and bolting to the gate. He couldn’t be left in his stable or field by himself (rearing with his feet on the door, sweating up, and jumping out!) If he was tied up, he couldn’t stand still, and panicked when ever a horse left him. These are just a few of the issues we have faced, and with consistent handling and work a lot of the major issues had been dealt with to a point and could be maintained – however he still had a tense edge to him and was easily stressed and worked up.

I tried a various number of calmers – spending countless amounts of money, but nothing did anything. Until I found Blue Chip Karma! Amazing results after just a few weeks. We have now been giving it to him every day for the past two years. I vary his intake depending on the situation, he is normally on a very small daily dose – but if he starts to get more stressed I just increase it and instantly he is calmer!

I now have a happy pony, who although will always have some issues, we have learnt to maintain our expectations of him and not put him in such stressful situations. But with the aid of Blue Chip Karma, he will now happily be left in his stable/field by himself, even if his friends leave him! He travels by himself, never sweats up or gets stressed, and will happily stand on the lorry for however long at competitions. Out hacking he is so calm and relaxed; he even baby sits the youngsters! Blue Chip Karma has definitely been a huge help to the change in him! I recommend it to anyone who needs that extra something for a stressy or tense horse! I am extremely proud of how far Puzzle as come, and it’s so nice that he is more relaxed now. He is also fed Blue Chip Pro, as it my horse – and they are both going amazingly.

Many thanks,

Jo and Puzzle.

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